Quebec teenager issues cease-and-desist letter to school board over smartphone seizures

Vincent Duguay believes his school’s smartphone seizure policy is unconstitutional

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A 15-year-old Quebec student issued his school board with a cease-and-desist letter, arguing that his school’s smartphone seizure policy is unconstitutional.

Charles-Grave Secondary School student Vincet Duguay’s letter reportedly argues that his school’s policy to confiscate student devices for 24 hours is unconstitutional.

According to the Canadian Press, Duguay hand-delivered the letter on January 17th, 2018. His school board said on January 19th that it had received the letter.

Duguay doesn’t have plans to undertake any legal action at this time, but the Canadian Press reported that Duguay and his father Benoit would like to see the situation corrected.

Duguay’s father also told Radio-Canada that his son’s own device has never been seized. Instead, both Duguays simply believe that the school’s policy is unreasonable.

“There shouldn’t be a prejudice against the kids if they’re caught,” said the elder Duguay, in an interview with the Canadian Press.

Claudi Fortin, a spokesperson for the Rives-du-Saguenay school board where Duguay attends class told the Canadian Press that this is the first time the board has received a filed complaint about cell phones.

Fortin also explained that it’s up to individual schools to enact and enforce cellphone policy.

Source: The Canadian Press Via: CBC News