Instagram rolls out hundreds of thousands of GIF stickers to all users

Instagram app on Android phone

Last week, some Instagram users around the world were reporting that they could add GIF stickers to their stories.

Now, the social media giant has confirmed the feature’s rollout to all users.

When tapping a photo or video in stories to add a sticker, you’ll now see an option to add GIFs. Through GIPHY integration, hundreds of thousands of stickers will be featured in the Instagram app, ranging from animals, food, superheroes and celebrities like Toronto-born rapper Drake.

Instagram GIF

Once the GIF is placed, you’ll then be able to make it smaller or larger, as well as move it around in the story.

GIFs are now available in version 29 of the Instagram Android and iOS app.

In the coming weeks, Instagram says it will also add support for photos and videos of any size to be added to stories. Previously, parts of pictures or videos that were too big for stories would be cut off to allow the media to fit.

With the upcoming update, your pictures and videos can be shared in their original dimensions, be they in a square, portrait or landscape format. Any leftover room will be filled with a custom colour gradient that matches the media being shared.

Source: Instagram