Here’s why you shouldn’t bite an iPhone battery

We're not joking, don't bite your iPhone battery

Exploding phone battery

We here at MobileSyrup would like to advise you to not bite your iPhone battery  — no matter what.

A ten-second video shot on January 19th shows exactly what could happen if you chomp down on an iPhone battery.

According to Taiwan News, a customer went to the store to purchase a replacement battery for an iPhone. The man is then seen on a security camera, inspecting the battery before putting it in his mouth and biting it in the same way you would test the authenticity of gold. The battery then ruptures, causing a small explosion, a flash of light and smoke.

Surprisingly the small explosion didn’t hurt anyone — even the ‘biter’ is reportedly uninjured.

According to Apple Insider, Chinese electronic stores are apparently known for selling fake Apple products, so customers often have ways have checking to see if a component is real. It’s worth noting that the same thing could happen with any smartphone battery and not just an iPhone power source.

The video hit social media after a short period of time and has since been viewed more than four million times.

Source: Apple Insider