Rogers CEO says there is no room for unfair practices in internal memo


Recent CBC reports of a high pressure sales environment at Rogers have moved CEO Joe Natale to reach out to his frontline employees, according to sources familiar with the matter.

One individual, who spoke to MobileSyrup under the condition of anonymity, says the company has sent out multiple memos to all employees, including one from Natale that begins:

“Last night, a media report ran saying that some of our sales agents face strong pressure to meet sales goals at the expense of what is right for our customers. This strikes at the very heart of our culture and our number one priority of ‘putting our customers first in everything we do,’ so I wanted to share my views.”

Natale states in the memo that he is proud of Rogers’ frontline team and everything it does to serve the company’s customers. He further notes:

“As you have heard me say, we are committed to a clear, simple and fair approach in every customer interaction. While we do not believe these concerns reflect out team, our values, or our practices, we take them very seriously and we will respond to them.”

“We do not believe these concerns reflect out team, our values, or our practices.”

Natale also stresses that employees should feel comfortable to speak out, writing:

“If you feel there is anything holding you back from doing what is right for our customers, please let your voice be heard. Here are a few ways you can do that: speak with your manager or HR representative, or contact us anonymously through the STAR hotline at [redacted]. There is no room in our organization for unethical or unfair practices – this applies to everyone at all levels.”

Another individual who spoke anonymously with MobileSyrup reports that since the CBC published its articles, Natale has fielded questions at two internal town hall meetings.

In addition, according to the first source, employees are often asked in “group settings” if the reports are true. However, “no one wants to speak up and risk getting singled out.”

Natale became president and CEO of Rogers in April 2017, taking over from Guy Laurence, who stepped down in October 2016.

On his first day, Natale emphasized the need to improve the company’s customer service approach. He later reiterated his desire to better Rogers’ customer service, stating that “you really have to look end-to-end to drive the needle on customer service.”

In a story published on MobileSyrup following two CBC reports, Rogers denied having a high pressure sales environment, stating: “To best support our agents and customers we believe in sales targets that are achievable and sales tactics that are fair and transparent.”

Rogers reported its wireless subscriber count at 10,625,000 in its Q3 earnings report on October 19th, 2017.

The company will release its next earnings report tomorrow, January 25th.