Twitter reportedly working on Snapchat-like video sharing functionality

Twitter app on iPhone

Facebook and Instagram have a knack for lifting features from rival social media platform Snapchat.

Now, it looks like Twitter is doing the same.

According to a report from Bloombergthe San Francisco-based company is looking to adopt a simplified video sharing feature inspired by the one found on Snapchat. Currently, Twitter users have to click the compose button, select the camera button, take the video or picture and click on the tweet button.

On Snapchat, meanwhile, simply opening the app will bring the user to a camera by default. Instagram, meanwhile, will now let users swipe once to open the camera.

Bloomberg reports that Twitter has a working demo of the camera-centered update, although the current design, as well as possible release timing, has yet to be finalized.

According to Bloomberg, Twitter aims to reduce the amount of steps it takes to shoot and share videos by taking a cue from Snapchat. In doing so, Twitter is looking to drive user engagement, following the app’s several years of stagnant growth.

Twitter’s reported interest in such video features also makes sense when considering comments made by company co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. Back in 2016, Dorsey praised Snapchat for being a “very modern” app, while at the same time acknowledging that his own service can be “confusing.”

Source: Bloomberg