Take a look at the unreleased Microsoft Band 3

Microsoft's Band 2 wearable

Before Microsoft pulled out of the wearables market and stopped selling the Band 2, the tech giant was working on a successor to the device.

Leaked images of the Band 3 appeared online back in 2016, since then we haven’t seen or heard much about the ill-fated wearable.

This past week, however, Windows Central got its hands on a prototype of the Band 3.

Microsoft Band 3 front

According to Windows Central, the Band 3 is slightly slimmer than the previous model and fits more snugly. Microsoft changed the rear of the device and added prongs and removed the circular dots. Similarly, the company removed the black coating from the ‘Action Button.’

The Band 3 also used a different charger allowing it to charge its battery within a hour. The wearable also features waterproofing, as well as an electrocardiogram and RFID sensors.

The electrocardiogram allowed the Band 3 to track blood pressure, while the RFID sensor didn’t work on the prototype. Microsoft added waterproofing so that the Band could track exercise while under water.

It’s clear that Microsoft was working on a new round of wearables, as just last week more information about the Xbox Watch was unveiled. However, for an unknown reason Microsoft decided against releasing new wearables.

Image credit: Windows Central

Source: Windows Central