Apple is pushing back the release of key iOS 12 features, says report

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It looks like Apple-related reports and rumours aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

This particular rumour will be of interest to those who feel the quality of Apple’s software has taken a dip lately. Along with the annual release of a new, upgraded iPhone model, Apple typically also rolls out a major iOS update every year.

For example, iOS 11 brought ARKit, a file management app, and desktop-like navigation features to the iPad. With iOS 12, iPhone and iPad users will likely see fewer major feature additions than in the past.

Apple was reportedly working on new features like a redesigned home screen app grid, a multiplayer mode for augmented reality games and, most interestingly, a framework that will allow third-party developers to merge their iOS and macOS applications together.

Key features like combining iOS and macOS apps under one umbrella are still on schedule for this year. However, other less integral, but still flashy changes, have been delayed in an effort to improve the operating system’s overall stability.

iOS’s homescreen redesign has been held back until 2019 according to people familiar with the matter, says Bloomberg’s often-reliable Mark Gurman. Apple has also delayed a revamped Photos app that features an improved photo management algorithm. That said, Bloomberg says that a less substantial updates to Photos is still coming this year.

Other features set to still arrive this year include the ability to better monitor how long apps are being used by kids, as well as updates to Apple’s FaceTime video service.

Last week, Apple uncharacteristically revealed on its own websites several of the features it will add to iOS via 11.3. In this update Apple says it’s adding a feature that allows users to toggle a framework that slows down iPhone performance in favour of prolonged battery stability, on and off. AR app improvements, security features for HomeKit-enabled and more, are also set to arrive as part of iOS 11.3.

Bloomberg also recently released a report that Apple is working on creating its own processor for Mac laptops, as well as a subsequent report indicating that the company isn’t planning to release an iPhone SE 2 this year.

Source: Bloomberg