Apple reportedly developing custom processor for three updated Mac models

Could this be the solution to Apple's Mac battery life issues?

MacBook Pro

A new report from Bloomberg’s often-reliable Mark Gurman indicates that Apple is planning to release three Macs with new internal hardware by the end of the year.

While not necessarily groundbreaking news on its own, the fact that the tech giant is planning to include what Gurman describes as “custom processors” in these upcoming Macs, marks a fundamental shift in strategy for Apple.

Since 2006, the company’s entire computer lineup has featured Intel microprocessors. However, the California-based tech giant has been manufacturing custom processors for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for years now, so it makes sense for the company to eventually move towards creating Mac chips in-house as well.

The company’s high-end MacBook Pro with Touch Bar included a specialized chip designed to run the Touch Bar and Touch ID module, so this isn’t wouldn’t be the first time Apple has included a proprietary processor in one of its computers. Further, the recently released iMac Pro also includes a custom chip for audio, camera processing and encryption.

Hopefully with Apple switching to custom chips, issues the current generation of MacBook Pro laptops suffer from — such as poor battery life and uneven performance in some cases — will be a thing of the past. Apple’s powerful and stable processors have long remained one of the iPhone’s most significant draws, especially when compared to Google’s rival Android ecosystem.

For more information on Apple’s reported chip making plans, check out Bloomberg’s in-depth story.

Source: Bloomberg