Canadians find TV experiences more engaging and memorable with Twitter: Study

Neuro Insight's headset

Twitter has found that Canadians who use the social network while watching TV viewing experiences, such as big games or award ceremonies, find TV events more engaging and memorable.

Twitter, working together with experts from Neuro-Insight, a multinational neuromarketing firm, used advanced neuro technology in an attempt to measure media consumption. Neuro-Insight used its patented technology to find out why many Canadians flock to Twitter while watching televised events.

Neuro-Insight's test lab

Neuro-Insight found that event-related content is more engaging and memorable when using Twitter. The technology indicated that engagement was up 72 percent and memorability up 80 percent when using Twitter compared to TV. Meanwhile, adding Twitter to the TV experience made TV content 28 percent more engaging and 30 percent more memorable.

The data found that even TV ads can benefit with Twitter interactions. TV ad engagement went up 40 percent, while TV ad memorability went up 28 percent.

Neuro-Insight fitted Canadian respondents with headsets that recorded brain data and eye movement. The neuroscience firm also filmed the respondents throughout the experiment. According to Twitter, Neuro-Insight collected and analyzed 108,000,000 data points for this research. More than 600 people were included in the study.

These were the most mentioned televised events among Canadian Twitter users:

  • 2017 Billboard Music Awards
  • The 89th Academy Awards
  • Donald Trump 2017 presidential inauguration
  • Super Bowl LI
  • The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

Image Credit: Twitter

Source: Twitter