Apple launches ‘Reserve a Battery’ service for iPhone battery replacements in Canada

iPhone 7

After recently discounting the cost of an iPhone battery replacement to $35, Apple is now allowing Canadians to reserve a new battery via its support website and iOS app.

To reserve a new iPhone battery through the company’s website, navigate to ‘getsupport.apple.com,’ click ‘iPhone’, then ‘Battery, Power & Charging’ and finally ‘Battery replacement’.

At this point, you’ll see an option to ‘Reserve a Battery.’ Clicking on it will prompt you to input your iPhone’s serial number, IMEI or MEID, which allows Apple to see whether your smartphone is eligible for its $35 battery replacement. Once you complete the process, your preferred Apple Store will contact you once a battery is available.

iPhone battery replacement procedure

Alternatively, this entire process is also possible to complete through the Apple Support iOS app.

After downloading and launching the app, tap the ‘Get Support’ tab, tap ‘choose your phone’, ‘Battery, Power & Charging’, ‘Battery Replacement’, ‘Continue’ and finally ‘Reserve a battery’.

In either case, reserving a battery ahead of time will likely save you time in the long run, especially if you own an iPhone 6 Plus.

An internal Apple document obtained by MacRumors said Apple customers would have wait “approximately two weeks” for an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement, and until late March to early April for an iPhone 6 Plus battery replacement.