OnePlus promotes the 5T with a series of nightmarish ‘smart test’ ads

OnePlus 5T ad

OnePlus has kicked off a rather interesting advertising campaign for its recently released OnePlus 5T flagship smartphone.

The first in this pair of “OnePlus 5T Smart Test” video ads, involves a pair of men, clad only in their underwear, wielding a 5T and a Samsung Galaxy S8. The two are bombarded by cactus projectiles, only being allowed to leave once they open 20 “everyday apps” on their respective phones.

While this ad is ostensibly meant to show the superior speed of the 5T, by the time the bloodied, battered victor emerges, one might be inclined to call the display ‘unnecessary’ rather than ‘impressive.’

The second ad features a different man who is forced to wear a suit made out raw meat and film his own assault by a hungry dog to test both phones’ video stabilization.

Yes, really.

These two videos fall into the same category as the infamous ‘PlayStation 3 baby’ and ‘Phones 4u ghost girl’ ads, as they rely on being so weird and creepy that it becomes memorable.

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