These Earbuds Are Made with the Stuff of Stars

What do Treblab’s X2 Headphones and the Sun have in common? They both contain beryllium, which, as it turns out, makes for really stellar audio equipment. In layman’s terms, beryllium possesses a high stiffness-to-weight ratio, and—when used to create components in speakers—produces a uniquely high responsiveness and sound clarity. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your listening setup, these headphones offer an experience that’s out of this world, and they’re on sale for $82 CAD [$67 USD].

In addition to delivering crisp sound, these earbuds help block out distractions with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, allowing you to truly enjoy the music you’re listening to. What’s more, they can connect to multiple devices, so you don’t have to constantly unpair and repair when you switch around. Plus, they even boast a built-in mic for taking calls while you’re on the move.

The Treblab X2 Completely Wireless In-Ear Headphones normally retail for $98 CAD, but you can get them on sale today for $82 CAD [$67 USD].