‘Crush yourself, go kill him’: Telus apologizes for mistranslated French tweets

Telus logo

The president of Telus Quebec issued an apology to French-Canadians after the Telus Fund Twitter account posted a series of tweets that were horribly translated to the point of illegibility.

Francois Gratton stated that the tweets never should have been posted, claiming that the account was managed by an external agency whose partnership with Telus has been terminated.

The tweets, including one particularly infamous misquote: “Take a deep breath, crush yourself, go kill him,” quickly went viral. The internet was quick to ridicule Telus for the errors, causing some to question whether they actually had any French-speaking staffers.

As of time of writing, the Telus Fund’s Twitter profile has been removed from the platform and the French-language version of the organization’s site is non-operational.

“We didn’t do our job to ensure all the entities that represent Telus publish texts that are respectful toward the French language and toward all the francophones in the country,” said Gratton in a public statement. “We are deeply sorry about this situation.”

Source: The Star