Rogers ‘Just For You’ event offers customized loyalty plans and device offers

The carrier is offering upgrades tailored to individuals customers


National carrier Rogers has launched a mysterious ‘Just For You’ promo event.

Without offering any specific details, Rogers says the event tailors specific deals and offers for individual customers. To find out what those custom offers are, customers will need to call in or visit a store.

According to a Rogers spokesperson, the event is open to both new and existing customers.

“Our Just For You event features great deals for existing and new customers, including customized loyalty plans and device offers,” a Rogers spokesperson told MobileSyrup via email.

However, according to customer service representatives who spoke with MobileSyrup, the event and deals are only available to existing customers.

The service representatives also specified that there’s no guarantee of how long custom offers will be available, though they noted that callers can ask service representatives to hold the deal. It’s unclear when the promotion ends.

When MobileSyrup called to capitalize on the event, service representatives offered to upgrade a monthly four-line 9GB/$135 family plan to 15GB/$155 per month. Rogers also offered a $200 credit for adding another line to the plan.

It’s important to note that not all callers would be eligible for this particular plan.

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