Rogers replaces Flex Rate data-only plans with new Fixed Rate offering


Rogers is instituting a new format for mobile data-only plans, moving from ‘Flex Rate’ plans to ‘Fixed Rate’ plans — which are on average more expensive.

The change came just one day before the carrier increased Roam Like Home international fees to $12 per day.

A Rogers spokesperson has confirmed that the new Fixed Rate plans are taking over from Flex Rate plans, but says current customers won’t be automatically migrated over to the new plans.

Previously, Rogers’ Flex Light plans — available for all mobile internet devices — offered the following pricing:

  • 100MB — $10
  • 500MB — $30
  • 3GB — $45
  • 6GB — $65
  • 10GB — $85
  • Anything above 10GB charged at $5 per 1GB

While Rogers’ Flex Heavy plans — available for Rocket Hubs only — offered the following rates:

  • 5GB — $60
  • 10GB — $75
  • 20GB — $90
  • 50GB — $110
  • 100GB — $145
  • Anything above 100GB charged at $5 per 1GB

Now, Fixed Light plans for — Rocket Hubs, hotspots, Rocket Sticks and tablets — offers this pricing:

  • Usage base rate of $10 per 100MB
  • Overage rate of $2o per 2GB
  • The customer pays $20 per 2GB if usage is greater than 100MB

And Fixed Heavy plans — for Rocket Hubs, hotspots and Rocket Sticks only — offer this pricing:

  • Usage base rate of $60 per 5GB
  • Overage rate of $20 per 10GB
  • Customer pays $20 per 10GB if usage is greater than 5GB

What’s somewhat unclear from the website is whether the base rate is always charged in addition to the overage charges. One Rogers customer service representative, however, confirmed that both the base rate and the overage charge is charged.

For 500MB on the new Fixed Light plans, the customer would receive a $30 charge, as was the case previously, while 3GB would be $50 (formerly $45). Calculating the new charges in this manner shows an increase across most allotments in comparison to the Flex Rate plans.

For instance, whereas 50GB on the Flex Heavy plan cost $110, it will now cost $160. Meanwhile, 10GB on the Flex Light plan was $85 and is now $110.

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Source: Rogers