Samsung Experience 9.0 will bring new features to the Galaxy S8 and S8+

Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ Oreo beta program has ended, which means Android 8.0 Oreo’s official build is on the way. Along with Oreo comes the Samsung Experience 9.0, the latest version of Samsung’s Android skin.

Those who were part of the beta program were already able to see an infographic showing off the features coming to Samsung Experience 9.0. SamMobile has captured the infographic and has shared it on their site.

The first feature is a new keyboard. The keyboard is customizable and features stickers, emojis, predictive texts, a GIF keyboard, voice input and a settings menu.

Samsung Experience 9.0 users also now have a new finder to search through the phone. Finder locates apps quicker, or “anything you would want to find on your phone,” according to Samsung. It also links directly into the Galaxy Apps store as well as the Google Play Store.

While Bixby already tells its users the weather of the day after the morning alarm, the assistant now wakes users up with background music and colours to match the weather.

Another feature prevents eye strain with a colour lens, to help improve reading speed and comfort. There’s also another feature which allows users to add a shortcut to the Samsung Cloud, directly from the home screen.

Additionally, Galaxy Experience 9.0 features ‘dual messenger.’ This functionality allows users to download a second messenger app, however, this requires two phone numbers as well.

Additionally Experience 9.0 has a new Samsung Connect dashboard, support for a variety of monitors with Samsung DeX, and new email functionalities.

Source: SamMobile