Facebook helps users celebrate Friends Day with personalized videos

The Menlo Park social networking giant sees 750 million new friendships form everyday

Facebook app on phone

Menlo Park-based social networking giant Facebook is helping users celebrate Friends Day.

In celebration of the friendly holiday, Facebook is letting users put together ‘Friends Awards’ to celebrate the great listeners, besties, comedians, and shoulders-to-cry-on we call friends.

Awards include’“Most Loving,’ ‘My Favourite Weirdo,’ ‘Best Friend,’ ‘Will Do Anything Once’ and ‘Always has my back.’

The company has also recently a series of stats highlighting Facebook’s friendship statistics. According to the social networking giant, there were twice as many posts about friendship in 2017 than in 2016.

Additionally, more than 600 million Friendversary videos were shared in 2017. Facebook also awarded residents of countries around the world based on their usage.

Facebook users in Mexico delivered the most ‘Love’ reactions in 2017. Facebook users in India made the most new friends. British users made the most international location check-ins, while American users made the most eating-themed activity posts with their friends.