8 Certification Courses to Validate Your Cloud Computing Knowledge

Today’s businesses produce a staggering amount of data, which is why many are shifting into high gear and integrating cloud computing services into their operations. When it comes to cloud computing solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular, offering computing power, storage, and a host of other features to help businesses expand. As such, demand is growing for skilled AWS experts, and with the Amazon Web Services Certification Training Mega Bundle, you can become one of them for over 90% off.

Across eight certification-prep courses, this collection boasts more than 50 hours of training to foster and validate your AWS understanding. Jump in, and you’ll immerse yourself in the essentials of working with AWS, like navigating the AWS Management Console and understanding the security measures AWS provides. Then, you’ll sharpen your understanding of more nuanced concepts, like designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS.

The Amazon Web Services Certification Training Mega Bundle retails for $1,594 CAD, but you can get it on sale today for $84.72 CAD [$69 USD], saving 90% off the normal price.