Canadians can now send Amazon eGift Cards via text message

Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are another new option

Amazon eGift Cards

Amazon is adding another way for Canadians to send the company’s eGift Cards to one another.

The e-commerce giant announced today that Canadian consumers can now send eGift Cards to their family members and friends via text message, as well as popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Previously, the only two delivery options available to Canadians were to either send a gift card through email or regular mail — though Amazon also offered the option to print the cards at home, giving customers the option of gifting them in person.

Canada is the only country other than the U.S. where Amazon gives customers the option to send an eGift card via text or messaging app.

To send an eGift card via text, visit the gift card section of Amazon.ca and choose “Text Message” when picking a delivery method for a gift card. Recipients will be able to claim their gift card through a link included in the message.

Source: Amazon Canada