iPhone X users report screen issues when receiving incoming calls

According to an Apple support thread, the iPhone X’s screen fails to activate for several seconds when the phone receives incoming calls

iPhone X rear

IPhone X users are reportedly experiencing strange screen activation issues when they receive incoming calls.

According to a February 5th, 2018 Financial Times report, some iPhone X screens fail to immediately activate when users receive phone calls.

Device owners have also taken to Apple’s discussion boards to expand on the issue.

One user who goes by the screen name Rakeshvma said that whenever they receive a phone call, it takes approximately “[six-to-eight] seconds” for their iPhone X screen to turn on.

“Whenever I restart my iPhone X, the problem gets automatically solved and after [15-to-20] calls, the same problem starts again,” reads an excerpt from Rakeshvma’s comment.

Another user said that they restored their iPhone with iOS 11.2 to solve the problem, but that an operating system restore didn’t fix the issue.

“…it worked fine for couple of days and then the same problem,” reads an excerpt from juve.1986’s discussion board comment.

At the time of this writing, 875 other Apple discussion board users have said that they have the same issue as Rakeshvma.

An Apple spokesperson told MobileSyrup that the Cupertino computing giant is “looking into these reports.”

Source: Financial Times Via: Engadget