A rebuilt Google+ Android app is coming out soon

If you’re still an ardent Google+ user, then there’s some good news on the horizon.

Google will start rolling out a new version of its Google+ Android app over the next several days, the search giant announced on Monday afternoon.

According to Leo Deegan, an engineering manager with Google+ team, his team completely rebuilt the Google+ app to take advantage of Android’s latest backend improvements. While the new app “closely resembles” the company’s current one, Deegan says it will allow the G+ team to build new features “on a modern tech stack.”

In addition, Deegan says his team was able to add some “subtle” updates to the app while they were in the process of rebuilding it from scratch.

For instance, he says scrolling and stream rendering should be improved post update. Moreover, they redesigned the photo lightbox.

As with any major rewrite, there are a number of issues that Deegan and his team haven’t ironed out just yet, so make sure to log those bugs as you scroll through the thinking man’s Facebook.

Source: Google