Samsung’s dual camera tech is making its way to budget phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

While dual camera smartphones became more mainstream in 2017, we could see their popularity explode in 2018 thanks to Samsung. On Tuesday, the South Korean company revealed its new ‘ISOCELL Dual’ camera modules for entry-level to mid-range smartphones.

These modules will allow smartphone OEMs to integrate dual camera systems that provide either improved low-light performance or a bokeh depth-of-field effect into their lower-priced devices.

Samsung plans to sell the camera module in two different configurations. One of the modules will feature two 8-megapixel sensors designed for low-light shooting, while the other will feature one 13-megapixel sensor and one 5-megapixel sensor that will work together to deliver portrait bokeh shots.

When Samsung sells these modules to smartphone OEMs, it will throw in the necessary software to make each module the complete package.

We’ll likely see the company’s ISOCELL Dual modules start to make their way into both the company’s own smartphones and into devices from other manufacturers over the course of 2018.

Source: Samsung