Why a Non-Smartwatch May Be the Smart Choice

Vincero Watches

Nowadays, timepieces typically fall into one of two categories. Either they take the smartwatch approach with sleek designs and cutting-edge tech that’s good until the next company keynote (looking at you, Apple), or they adopt the minimalist path with constructions that are much less complex and say little about the wearer.

The truth is that we all have our smartphone glued to our sides and laptops or tablets at an arm’s reach, and it’s high time we consider the timeless appeal of owning a classic watch. High-quality watches — like those from Vincero Watches — not only bolster your style, but are an investment in the future. Unlike the boom-and-bust nature of the smartwatch market, classic watches will last for years to come — and don’t require frequent updates or charging sessions.


Vincero is making a case for the modern, luxury watch with its focus on quality and affordable pricing options. Here are three reasons why you should consider swapping your smartwatch for a modern style:

1. It will complement your style and identity.

Smartwatches are undoubtedly popular, but their cookie cutter designs come at a cost to your style. A timepiece, on the other hand, can speak to the host of characteristics and traits that make you uniquely yourself. It can make a bold statement by giving you a distinct style, and not just allow you to blend in with the rest of the smartwatch crowd. Whether you favor a bold, matte black piece or the elegant design of a watch with marble inlays, the watches at Vincero Watches have a diverse selection that cater to a variety of tastes.

2. A classic watch lets you take a step back from all those notifications.

When it comes to staying connected, smartwatches can’t be beaten. But, sometimes they do their job a little too well, bombarding you with a tornado of notifications that can take you out of the moment. Conversely, a classic watch lets you look sharp and focus on the important things, like a nice date or an important interview without the frequent interruptions.

3. Classic watches don’t go out of style.

As previously mentioned, smartwatches don’t offer much in the realm of longevity, and minimalist timepieces generally don’t make thoughtful heirlooms. Meanwhile, Vincero understands that purchasing a luxury watch is a long-term investment, which is why their timepieces are handcrafted with premium components and hand-checked for quality. So, in addition to looking good in the long term, they function for years to come.

Why Vincero Collective

Vincero Collective was founded by a trio of aspiring entrepreneurs who sought to change the way watches were being sold. While the market prioritized cost over quality and big-name stores over small boutiques, Vincero Collective aims to deliver timepieces that boast bold, uncompromising designs, a quality manufacturing process, and a direct-to-you business model that allows for ethically produced products without any retail markups.

Plus, Vincero’s California-based team offers free worldwide shipping and a 30-day return policy. Vincero’s watches start at $185 CAD [$150 USD], and you can start browsing them here.