With Scroll Up To Win, Tim Hortons re-imagines Roll Up The Rim for the mobile age

Tim Hortons scroll up to win feature

This time of year, Tim Hortons serves you either joy or gut rot.

Roll Up The Rim to Win is back and for Tim Hortons enthusiasts like myself. It’s the greatest time to be alive.

Similar to previous years, Timmies has added an extra layer to its experience by including a chance to win through its app, with a game called “Scroll Up the Rim.”

Scroll Up The Rim

While not as rewarding as heading to the local restaurant and possibly winning a car or cash, the app option offers up a chance to win free coffee or donuts. There are a total of 465,000 winning prices available to Canadians until March 6th. If you do win, a ‘Redeem’ badge will appear at the top of your app.