Twitter, Pornhub and Reddit ban ‘deepfake’ AI edited pornography videos

Pornhub on phone

If the thought of AI-generated fake porn — also known as ‘deepfakes’ — sounds disturbing, you aren’t alone.

Pornhub told Vice’s tech publication Motherboard that it plans to ban all videos utilizing machine learning to superimpose faces of other people — often celebrities, or in some cases revenge porn — on pornography actors.

Pornhub states that it doesn’t allow “any nonconsensual content” on its platform and has deemed ‘deepfake’ content to fall under this category. In a sense, Pornhub places AI-superimposed pornographic content on the same level as revenge porn, which makes sense.

It’s important to note that given that Pornhub is a user-powered platform that allows those with an account on the site to upload content, it will likely be difficult to completely wipe deepfake content from the site.

Twitter has also blown the whistle on deepfake content, stating that the platform plans to suspend accounts that are identified as the original poster of the offensive content. The social media platform also says that it will ban accounts that frequently post deepfake content.

Other platforms such as chat service Discord and GIF platform Gfycat are also now banning AI-created deepfake pornography clips.

Finally, Reddit, one of the major holdouts still allowing deepfake content on its service, also recently announced that it is removing AI-created “involuntary pornography” from its platform. This doesn’t affect all AI-based face swapping subreddits, though. FaceApp, for example, an app that allows users to swap faces, still has a dedicated subreddit.

Another subreddit called r/SFWdeepfakes, which features non-pornographic superimposed AI-created videos — such as putting Nicolas Cage in every movie — also remains on the platform.

Source: Motherboard