CEO Jack Dorsey says 280-character limit hasn’t increased overall length of most tweets

The recently revised tweet limit hasn’t led to the end of Twitter

Twitter app on iPhone X

It seems that the end of Twitter as we know it has yet to come.

According to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey speaking on a February 8th, 2018 investors call, the company’s increased tweet limit hasn’t actually increased the average length of most tweets.

One of the things we were watching for is to see if the average tweet size would go up as a result, and it has not,” said Dorsey, according to The Verge.

However, Dorsey did say that the company has noticed fewer abandoned tweets, as well as “more engagement.”

“We’re also seeing more retweets, and we’re seeing a lot more mentions. And we’re also seeing people get more followers and return more often,” said Dorsey.

Twitter first announced that it was expanding the tweet limit to 280 characters for a select number of users in September 2017. The company rolled out the tweet-limit increase to all users in November 2017.

According to Dorsey, the expanded tweet limit has reduced “some of the complexities and some of the confusion around Twitter in general.”

It’s important to note that according to Twitter, only nine percent of tweets reached the previous 140-character limit. When the microblogging giant tested out the 280-character limit, Twitter found that roughly one percent of tweets hit the new limit.

Source: The Verge