This All-in-One Tool Keeps Your Devices Safe from Hackers

The Web is getting more dangerous by the day, and while VPNs and smart browsing practices can help you steer clear of most hacking threats, they’re still not enough to safeguard your entire tech arsenal. Panda Internet Security is an all-in-one solution that protects your identity and all of your devices from malware, ransomware, viruses, and more, and 1-year plans are on sale for 60% off.

Panda works to secure your PC, Mac, and Android devices from online threats and controls access to your data, documents, and any sensitive information. With it, you can seamlessly backup files and locate lost devices, and it even offers parental controls to protect your whole family. What’s more, Panda Internet Security optimizes Android systems to keep them running smoothly and securely, so you can browse with ultimate peace of mind.

You can try Panda Internet Security for yourself by signing up for a 1-year plan for only $49 CAD [$40 USD], saving 60 percent off the usual price.