Google’s Android P will reportedly support camera notches and foldable displays

Lineup of Android robots

A new report from Bloomberg brings to light more details regarding what Google has planned for Android P, which will arrive later this year.

Citing sources “familiar with the situation”, Bloomberg says one of Google’s main goals with ‘Android Pistachio Ice Cream’ — the company’s internal codename for Android P — is to change the look of the operating system, in an effort to make it more appealing to iOS users.

Bloomberg also reports Android P will provide official support for camera notches, like the ones found on both the Essential Phone and the iPhone X.

Official support for display notches is likely on its way due to the fact more smartphone OEMs are working on devices that incorporate bezel-less displays. Recent rumours claim that Huawei and Lenovo are both working on phones with camera notches. The leak also indicates Android P will better support handsets with new designs, such as multiple displays — like ZTE Axon M — and foldable displays.

Google is also planning to more tightly integrate Google Assistant into Android. Bloomberg writes Google plans to allow third-party developers to integrate functionality from the personal assistant directly into their apps. Moreover, the search giant has been experimenting with different ways to more prominently feature Assistant.

Google will likely announce Android P update this coming March, with the developer previews being available soon afterwards.

Source: Bloomberg