Google Maps may soon let users share their smartphone’s battery status

Several transit-related features also appear to be in Google's development pipeline

Google Maps on Android

Conducting an APK teardown of the latest Google Maps beta, 9.71, Android Police found code that suggests Google plans to implement a feature that will allow users to share their phone’s battery status when they send their location to a friend or family member.

Maps will present this information as a percentage range; battery life estimates can change from moment-to-moment.

In addition, Maps will share whether the user is in the process of charging their smartphone’s battery.

Google also appears to be working on a variety of transit-related features.

One of these in-development features will allow users to set several preferred transit stations to assist the app in finding the most convenient travel routes. In line with the battery location feature detailed above, it also looks like Google may in the future allow users to share their transit trips with friends.

As is always the case with these teardowns, just because Google has added lines of code that allude to potential future features, that doesn’t mean that any of these features will make their way into a final release. That said, this does suggest that Google wants to do more with location sharing than it has in the past.

Source: Android Police Via: Engadget