Audible.ca adds Chinese-language audiobooks and audio-dramas

At launch, the platform's catalogue includes 650 titles


Ahead of the start of the new Lunar New Year on February 16th, Amazon today announced that it’s bringing Chinese-language audiobooks to audible.ca.

At launch, Audible’s Canadian outpost features 650 audiobooks and audio-dramas in Mandarin, including titles such as Candle in the Tomb, Scarlet Heart and the classic Journey to the West. The entire catalogue includes content from a variety of genres, as well as Chinese translations of popular English books. The company promises its catalogue will grow to include “many more” titles in the coming months.

Moreover, Amazon doesn’t envision audible.ca’s new Chinese section as something just for experienced Mandarin speakers; the e-commerce giant says the current catalogue includes a variety of Chinese-langauge learning materials, including text and video guides.

New Audible customers can download one of any one of the 650 currently available audiobooks and audio-dramas for free.

“Audible.ca currently offers content in several languages, and I am excited to extend our catalogue to include Chinese in such a dedicated way,” said Beth Anderson, Audible executive vice-president and publisher, in a press release.

“For the first time, Chinese speaking audible.ca customers can now explore and enjoy a diverse library of authentic content in their native tongue. Audible now offers the millions of Chinese speakers in Canada compelling listening experiences.”

Amazon originally launched a dedicated Canadian audible marketplace on September 13th.