Amazon’s Alexa can now detect the voice of individual users in Canada

Voice-specific recognition is available across features like calling, messaging, calendar and music


Though this feature has been available for a number of months in the U.S., the ability for Alexa to identify individual voices has now made its way to Canada.

The feature, called ‘Your Voice,’ can be set up by saying the following phrase to Amazon’s voice-activated assistant, “Alexa, who am I?”

Amazon says the configuration process takes approximately five minutes and requires an Alexa-compatible device and registered Alexa account.

The process of setting up Your Voice can also be done in-app, with customers navigating to ‘Menu,’ ‘Settings’ and then ‘Your Voice,’ which is inside ‘Accounts.’

Your Voice allows user-specific features across calling, messaging, calendar, music, shopping and Alexa’s Flash Briefing. Amazon says support for more voice-specific features are set to rollout in the future.

Amazon finally brought specific Echo devices — the Echo Dot, 2nd Gen Echo and Echo Plus — to Canada back in December.