Facebook to work with groups like Lyft and Save the Children in crises

Facebook has announced that it will begin to allow Pages for organizations and businesses to post in its Community Help section to offer support for people in times of crisis.

Some of the groups that Facebook will be working with include Chase, Direct Relief, Lyft, International Medical Corps and Save the Children, which will all gain access to the future “in the coming weeks.”

Facebook Community Help Pages

The announcement comes just one day after a mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed and 14 more were left injured.

Facebook says Community Help was used to offer support in more than 500 different crises over the past year. including the flooding in Brazil in May, Hurricane Harvey in the U.S. in August and the vehicular attack in Spain in August.

For individual users, Community Help allows people to reach out to one another whenever they need help during a crisis, such as by offering shelter or food. Through a ‘Safety Check’ feature, users can also mark themselves as safe during incidents, which will then be sent as a notification to all of their friends and families.

Source: Facebook