Mixer, Microsoft’s answer to Twitch, adds game sales


For ages now, Twitch has allowed streamers to monetize the platform via subscribers, donations, partnerships and digital game sales. Finally, Microsoft is stepping up to the plate with the addition of the ‘Direct Purchase’ feature to Mixer, its own specialized streaming service.

‘Direct Purchase’ allows streamers to feature content, such as demos, full games, or even DLC packs, on their stream which viewers can purchase at the click of a button without even exiting the stream. Between Xbox, Windows 10 and Play Anywhere titles in addition to DLC and extras, over 5000 items can be featured using Direct Purchase.

Once the broadcaster has set up a piece of content to promote, any viewer who decides to purchase it will have the item automatically added to their Microsoft account for later download without having to register a code or token first.

Microsoft pledges to pay streamers 5 percent for every purchase viewers make through their channel, though the Direct Purchase feature will only be available to Mixer partners for the time being.

To find out how to become a partner so you can enable this and other upcoming monetization features such as tipping, check this official guide.

Direct Purchase should already be available for some Mixer partners, and will complete its wide roll-out over the next few months.

Source: TechCrunch