Rogers’ $45/4GB BYOD long weekend deal ends today

If you want a crack at a $45/4GB BYOD plan through Rogers, this may be your last chance for a while.

According to a Red Flag Deals post, Rogers offered a BYOD $45/4GB promotional plan to some existing and new customers this long weekend, and the carrier is extending the deal until today, February 20th.

Most customers secured the deal by asking a carrier representative in the retention department if the company could price match an unadvertised $45/4GB Koodo deal. Some consumers reported that Virgin Mobile and Fido Mobile were also offering a $45/4GB deal over the weekend, but it’s unclear whether those carriers are still offering such a promo.

The Rogers promotion is highly dependent on the retention department representative you reach, according to Red Flag Deals users. While many reported nabbing the deal as both existing and new customers, an equal amount of forum members said they were told the deal is for prepaid migrations only. Some were also told it was a plan for business accounts only, though from other users’ posts it appears that also depends on the representative’s individual interpretation. Essentially: your mileage may vary.

Several users who managed to get the plan reported that it features unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, voicemail, call ID and more. There is no specific promotional term or end date, reports several subscribers.

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Via: RFD