Snapchat now features GIPHY GIF stickers and a tabs section for stories

Snapchat on iPhone

Typically, Instagram is known for lifting its features from Snapchat, such as the 24-hour ephemeral stories. Now, however, the roles have been reversed.

Last month, Instagram rolled out support for GIFs generated from GIPHY, and now, Snapchat has done the same.

GIF stickers can be added by tapping the Sticker icon and using the search bar. GIFs can be resized and moved around or added multiple times.


As with Instagram, the stickers can also be pinned to a part of the snap to have them move, rotate or scale along with what they’re attached to.

GIFs are part of the latest version of Snapchat on Android and iOS.

Outside of GIFs, the Snapchat app will soon feature dedicated tabs in the Discover and Friends sections. With these tabs, users can more easily find which stories they want to see, such as those from specific friends or from accounts they’re subscribed to.

Snapchat says the tabs will come to iOS “soon,” with an Android rollout to follow “in the coming weeks.”

Via: TechCrunch