Telus to thank for Canada’s LTE ‘speed boost,’ according to OpenSignal

OpenSignal credited Telus’s recent network upgrades for improving Canada’s overall LTE speeds

Telus logo on wall

Roughly 82 percent of all Canadians have access to 4G LTE, according to OpenSignal’s February 2018 State of LTE report.

Additionally, Canada’s average LTE speeds hover around 32.90 Mbps — a figure that OpenSignals says is bolstered by national carrier Telus’s recent network upgrades.

“In North America, Canada’s speeds surged past 30 Mbps on the strength of Telus’s recent LTE upgrades, while the U.S. regained the lost momentum caused by AT&T and Verizon’s reintroduction of unlimited plans,” reads an excerpt from the OpenSignal report.

As of OpenSignal’s most recent State of Mobile Networks: Canada report, Telus provides its users with an average LTE download speed of 44.5 Mbps.

In Toronto — which OpenSignal erroneously classified as Canada’s capital — Telus’s LTE speeds reached 70.4 Mbps. In Montreal, Telus’s speeds reached 62 Mbps.

OpenSignal gathered its data by performing exactly 58,752,909,949 measurements on precisely 4,852,320 devices. The wireless company gathered its data between October 1st, 2017 and December 30th, 2017, across 88 countries.

In terms of other nations, Canada’s LTE coverage ranks 25th, below Macedonia and right above Uruguay. In terms of LTE speed, Canada ranks 11th, below Denmark and right above Serbia.

The country with the greatest LTE coverage is South Korea, where 97.49 percent of the country has access to LTE. Of the 88 countries surveyed, Algeria had the least coverage, with only 40.94 percent of country covered by LTE.

The country with the fastest LTE speeds is Singapore where average speeds reach 44.31 Mbps. The surveyed country with the slowest LTE is India, where users have access to a palty 6.07 Mbps.

OpenSignal only counted LTE speeds when measuring 4G — not HSPA.

Source: OpenSignal