Google’s AI-powered Reply app is available via APK download

Google’s new Reply app, made by experimental division Area 120, is now available to download.

Reply, announced earlier this month, brings an AI-powered smart reply function to a variety of Android apps. The functionality works similarly to Google’s existing smart reply features in its Allo app or Facebook’s ‘M’ AI helper in the Messenger app.

Reply is currently still in beta and can only be downloaded via APK.

APKs are apps or updates that are not downloadable through the Google Play Store. While they can be dangerous, APK Mirror‘s APKs are typically reliable.

After signing into the app with a Google account and giving the app access to location data and calendar information. With that information, Reply is able to provide suggested replies based on location data and calendar information.

For example, if someone sends a text asking how long will it take to get to work, Reply will use Google Maps and the information added to the app to show the approximate time it will take get to work.

Reply is compatible with popular chatting apps such as Android Messages, Facebook Messenger and Slack.

To download the APK (at your own risk) click here.

Source: 9to5Google