Gboard beta version 7.0.2 delivers ‘search all media’ feature


Google’s Gboard Android beta version 7.0.2 is rolling out with a variety of new features.

One of the features gives the ability to “search all media.”  The functionality adds a new interface that searches through all emoji, stickers and GIFs to find the specific media desired.

Within the update there’s a carousel for swiping through results of your entered query. The sticker results, in the middle, feature a “More” shortcut that will pre-enter search terms into a dedicated tab, while on the left are emoji and on the right are GIFs.

The update also includes Chinese (Cantonese, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional) and Japanese support. This isn’t the first time Google introduced either language to the Gboard app. According to 9to5Google, version 6.7 of Gboard briefly had Chinese and Japanese until it was removed.

Another minor change is the keyboard picker. Google better labeled the keyboard choices and now allows users to add multiple types at the same time.

According to 9to5Google, there is a new e-mail auto complete functionality as well, however it doesn’t seem to be functioning yet for all users.

This past year Google officially added 30 more languages to its Gboard app.

Source: 9t05Google