New job listing indicates Spotify is working on hardware devices

New job listings indicate that music streaming service Spotify is likely working on its own hardware.

The three new job listings are for Spotify’s hardware division. MusicAlly spotted the listings, which state that the company is “on its way to creating its first physical products.”

The company is looking for a ‘Project Manger,’ ‘Senior Project Manger, ” and an ‘Operations Manager’ to join its hardware production team. The listings also state that the individuals in those roles “will contribute in the creation of innovative Spotify experiences via connected hardware.”

Previous listings indicated that Spotify was looking to make hardware “akin to the Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo and Snap Spectacles.”

Based on that context, it’s likely that Spotify is working towards a smart speaker or some type of wearable. The smart speaker market is already quite crowded with companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sony and Apple already out in market with their own devices.

However, with the music streaming service already having more than 70 million subscribers, it’s possible that Spotify is banking on those customers picking up one of its smart speakers based on brand familiarly.

Currently, Spotify Connect allows smart speakers, TVs, cars and game consoles to stream music through a user’s account.

Source: Spotify, Via: The Verge