Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has no idea what groceries cost

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is undeniably very smart and very wealthy.

So wealthy, in fact, that he doesn’t need to go to the grocery store, a state of affairs recently confirmed by Ellen DeGeneres.

The multi-billionaire made an appearance on today’s The Ellen Show, where he was challenged to a grocery store guessing game challenge.

It didn’t go so well.

Gates, who probably hasn’t step foot in a grocery store for years, only needed to guess within a dollar’s range of three out of five products, but he definitely needed help.

That was made clearly evident after the billionaire guessed that a $9 USD pack of Totino’s pizza rolls retailed at a price of $22.

He was spot on with the floss, though, so at least we know he has good dental hygiene.

Watch the full video above.