Bell introduces new $10 smartwatch data plan for non-share plans like the $60/10GB promo

Apple Watch Series 3 on wrist

Bell customers can now purchase a standalone data plan for their LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3.

Bell was the first Canadian carrier to launch an LTE plan for the Apple Watch 3, which uses an eSIM built directly into the device, rather than a SIM card. The telecom came to market on September 22nd with a $5 CAD smartwatch plan that let users share data and a phone number with their Canada-wide or Canada-U.S. share plan.

Telus followed suit in December, but with a standalone plan that offered 1GB of shareable data for $10 per month. Now, Bell has launched a similar plan.

Bell’s new standalone plan costs $10 per month and provides users with 1GB of data. It remains a NumberShare plan, which means that customers’ Bell wireless number is shared with the watch — there’s no chance of having a smartwatch plan without an existing mobile plan. Instead, it’s designed for customers who have non-share plans — like the $60/10GB deal offered this past holiday.

As an added bonus, the first three months are free for both Bell’s $5 and $10 plans.

As for overages, both plans charge additional data at $0.07 per MB. There is also a $10 one-time connection fee upon activation of the plan.

Cellular calling through the Apple Watch 3 works on Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology and is currently not available in Bell’s Manitoba and Saskatchewan footprints. It also works through Wi-Fi calling when the user is connected to Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, Rogers has recently confirmed plans to support eSIMs this year, which means LTE smartwatch plans are likely near on the horizon.

Source: Bell