Images of an early Huawei P20 prototype leak online

Huawei P10

Huawei is set to unveil its P20 lineup in Paris at the end of March. However, Android Authority has reportedly gotten their hands on an early prototype of the Huawei P20.

The P20, in comparison to the Huawei P10, has smaller bezels at the top and bottom. The edges of the P20 are also slimmer than the previous model.

The P20 protoype doesn’t have a physical volume button. On the right side of the phone is a power button with touch indicators above it. It’s unclear exactly what this means, but it likely indicates the phone uses a virtual volume key, with the ability to swipe up and down to control the volume.

The camera section on the P10 is visibly a different colour than the rest of the phone. However, on the P20 prototype, the colour blends into the rest of the phone. The P20 also features rounder edges making it more comfortable in the hand, according to Android Authority.

In addition the prototype has dual speakers, as there is now a speaker grill at the bottom of the handset. It’s unclear, however, if the phone will use both speaker grills for media output or if the top speaker is for phone-calling usage.

The prototype doesn’t use a triple rear camera setup as previous rumours indicated. However, it’s likely that only the rumoured P20 Plus uses three rear cameras. The prototype did have a dual-rear camera setup similar to the P10.

Huawei P20 prototype

The phone also lacks a headphone jack, similar to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

No specs were leaked, however the prototype does give an indication of what the Chinese phone manufacturer is working on. This is solely an early prototype however, and it’s possible that Huawei has changed the design of the phone since creating this prototype.

Nothing is concrete until Huawei reveals its P20 series on March 27th.

Source: Android Authority