Huawei self-driving car project uses AI processor in Mate 10 Pro

The RoadReader project converts a Porsche Panamera into an “understanding” vehicle thanks to the Kirin 970’s neural processing unit

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei retrofitted a Porsche Panamera to detect and avoid obstacles on the road.

According to a February 21st, 2018 media release, Huawei’s ‘RoadReader’ project utilized the same Kirin 970 processor found in the company’s Mate 10 Pro device to “[transform a Porsche Panamera into a driverless vehicle that doesn’t just see, but crucially understands its surroundings.”

“This means that it can distinguish between 1,000s of different objects including a cat and a dog, a ball or a bike and learn to take the most appropriate course of action,” reads an excerpt from the February release.

The company said that the RoadReader project was completed in roughly five weeks.

Huawei will showcase its RoadReader project at the Mobile World Congress tech conference in Barcelona from February 26th to February 27th, 2018.

Source: Huawei