MediaTek joins Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft’s Open Neural Network Exchange

MediaTek sign

MediaTek has announced that it has joined the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) to work on AI innovation.

ONNX was originally conceived and launched by Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft as an interoperability standard for transferring deep learning models between frameworks. With ONNX, AI developers across the world can collaborate during any stage of a project.

MediaTek will assist the group with its recently announced NeuroPilot AI platform, which uses an supports the development of AI-enabled mobile and smart home devices.

“A key to developing AI applications and capabilities lies within an open ecosystem where shared research and interoperability are the true enablers of innovation,” said Jerry Yu, corporate vice president and general manager of the Home Entertainment Business Group at MediaTek in a press statement. “In an effort to evolve our own AI platform and to ensure that interoperability and choice is preserved when developing with MediaTek NeuroPilot, it made sense to widen our support for open AI frameworks by joining the Open Neural Network Exchange.”

MediaTek’s NeuroPilot AI platform currently supports mainstream AI frameworks by using tech from the likes of Google, Amazon and Sony. In terms of OS, MediaTek offers support for both Android and Linux.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Source: MediaTek