Twitter has made it easier for customers and businesses to chat via DM

Twitter app on iPhone

Twitter made news this week for cracking down on spam and political propaganda bots.

However, such a change can also affect how businesses receive messages, so Twitter is now tweaking the bot system to make it easier for companies with chatbots to respond to customer questions.

Currently, Twitter limits the number of requests and messages bots or other software can make at a given time. The reason for this is to stop an excess of posts — particularly of the spam or propagandist variety — to overwhelm the platform. On the flip side, this prevents businesses on Twitter to handle numerous customer messages at once.

Now, companies can send five responses to each message received within 24 hours, with the number resetting each time a new message is sent, all through a feature Twitter calls “adaptive rate limits.” Effectively, this means conversations between customers and businesses can go on indefinitely.

“Adaptive rate limits help to ensure that businesses can always respond to customers who privately message them, even when inbound volumes are high,” developer advocate Jon Cipriano wrote on the Twitter blog.

Source: Twitter Via: Engadget