Galaxy S9 official launch video surfaces

samsung galaxy s9

This was bound to happen.

Samsung accidentally uploaded its official launch video of the Galaxy S9.

The video has been pulled since but has already been scraped and re-uploaded on YouTube. The 3-minute promo video is packed with all the glorious details of the upcoming flagship smartphone, such as the compatible DeX dock, water resistant, relocation of the fingerprint reader,

There will also be a new ‘live translation’ feature called ‘Bixby Translation’ gives the user the option to point the camera at text and it translates it to your language of choice, which is similar to Google Translate. It also seems the Galaxy S9 will have a focus on the camera, most notably by the tagline of the camera being ‘Reimagined.’ Unfortunately, no details on specs.

Similar to previous devices, there is lots of talk about security with Knox and how the S9 was “built from the chip up… with enhanced biometrics and intelligent scan instantly recognizes you that lets you unlock your phone with just a glance or a touch.’

Surely there’s more info to come and we’ll bring you all the details as Samsung officially unveils the S9 and S9+ on Sunday. Check out the video below.