Koodo and Telus expand on Google Assistant integration, explain how it will work

Users will only be prompted to input account details on set up

MobileSyrup reported last Friday that Telus and its flanker brand Koodo Mobile would soon allow subscribers to access carrier services, such as checking bills and monitoring data usage, through their Google Assistant-enabled devices, including the Google Home and Google Pixel and Pixel 2 smartphones.

Representatives from Telus responded to our requests for additional information, and have expanded on how users will go about setting up and using their devices when the Koodo feature rolls out next month and when the Telus feature rolls out “later this year.”

First things first, users will need to enable the Koodo Action on Google Assistant, and then link their Koodo or Telus account to that Google profile.

“Login using MyAccount credentials will be required the first time you link your account,” Telus told MobileSyrup via email.

Koodo no longer has a mobile app, so subscribers won’t need the app installed on their devices to use the Action.

“Once the Assistant has been set up for the first time, the user will not require their credentials again, they will be verified when using the Action through a voice PIN,” said Telus.

Koodo also doesn’t sell shared accounts, meaning subscribers won’t need to worry about family members on the same plan accidentally purchasing additional data.

When Telus launches its own Google Assistant Action, subscribers will be able to select the default line capable of accessing sensitive information.

“Questions regarding the billing, data usage, etc. would get responses specifically for that line,” said Telus.

Telus’s Action will also block purchases that exceed $50 CAD, due to the newly revised Wireless Code provisions governing shared lines.

“Customers would have to utilize MyAccount or our call centre to make purchases that would exceed this amount,” said Telus.

The national telecom did clarify that it plans on “[enhancing] this experience, allowing account owners to ask billing questions and data-related questions for the entire account while account members will be limited to only their line.”

According to Telus, the dev team working on the Telus Action is reviewing the Wireless Code in order to make sure the app complies.

“These updates will be released in future versions while keeping in line with Wireless Code rules,” concluded Telus.

Once users activate the Koodo and Telus Google Assistant Actions, they’ll be able to gather information regarding remaining balances, data usage, international rates, EasyRoam options, as well as purchase data.