Net Two Coiled Lightning Cables for 25% off

Let’s face it: There’s rarely a time when you don’t need a new lightning cable, but when it comes to forking up the cash for one, few of us actually go through with it. However, doing so is much easier when they’re available for a fraction of what you’d pay in store. Now, you can get two Apple MFi-Certified iPhone Charging Cables on sale for nearly 25 percent off their usual price.

These cables are MFi-certified, meaning they’ll work perfectly with your Apple devices and won’t harm their batteries when they charge. Plus, their coiled design allows them to stretch to three feet and bounce back to normal length easily, cutting down on excess cable clutter. With two cables at your disposal, you can keep one in your car for tidy charging throughout the day and the other at home to give you a boost—and extra cordage when you need it.

A two-pack of Apple MFi-Certified iPhone Charging Cables normally retails for $42 CAD, but you can get it on sale today for $31 CAD [$25 USD].