Videotron launches Canadian and international toll-free Wi-Fi calling on iPhone and Samsung S7 phones

The company says that more devices will be added “in the coming weeks”

Videotron website on phone

Quebec-based regional carrier Videotron has announced that its customers in Canada can now call or text long-distance Canadian numbers (and send international texts) over Wi-Fi for free.

Additionally, Videotron subscribers roaming in “over 100 countries” will be able to call or text local and Canadian numbers over Wi-Fi at no extra cost.

Wi-Fi calling and texting is currently only available to subscribers using iPhone 7/7+, iPhone 8/8+ and Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge smartphones.

“We are confident that this new generation of mobile voice services will meet our customers’ needs and make their lives easier when they’re travelling and when they’re not,” said Bertrand Hebert, vice president of marketing at Videotron, in a February 26th, 2018 media release.

Savvy readers will note that these are the same phones that are able to access Videotron’s VoLTE network, as users must have a VoLTE-capable phone to access Wi-Fi calling.

“Videotron is strongly committed to mobile innovation and is constantly testing technological limits to provide the best possible customer experience,” said Hebert, in the same February release.

How to activate Wi-Fi calling

Videotron lays out a three-step process to activate Wi-Fi calling on compatible smartphones.

First, go to your phone’s settings app.

Next, search for Wi-Fi calling in your phone’s settings app. If you’re using an iPhone, you should find ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ under the ‘Cellular’ category.

Finally, Videotron says to simply “Follow the steps on your screen.”

Remember, only compatible iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices are capable of accessing Videotron’s Wi-Fi Calling feature.

Source: Videotron