Essential Phone camera update adds cool new ‘Tiny Planet’ feature

360-degree photos and videos will never look the same

essential phone

The steady pace of Essential Phone updates continues this week with a new Camera app release that adds a ‘Tiny Planet’ feature to the proceedings.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s likely you’ve seen a Tiny Planet composition before, especially on photo-sharing platforms like Instagram and Tumblr.

The feature is currently in beta and you’ll need the company’s optional Essential 360 Camera to make Tiny Planets. However, users that already own the 360 camera can turn any 360-degree photos and videos they have saved in their camera roll into a Tiny Planet composition.

Essential has posted an article on its website that explains how to take advantage of the feature.

The company has also added a selfie flash feature to its camera app. Borrowing a trick from OnePlus’ playbook, in low-light situations the Essential Phone will use its screen to illuminate the user.

The latest update also brings the usual assortment of unspecified stability and bug fixes.


Essential Phone owners are already using the Tiny Planet feature to create really cool photos, as evidenced by the replies to the above tweet.

Essential has been keeping up a torrid update pace since January 2018, adding features like grid options, auto-HDR and shooting mode shortcuts to its camera app.

Source: Essential